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Important Accessories for Riding an Electric Bike… Going Further, Faster

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Important Accessories for Riding an Electric Bike… Going Further, Faster When you buy a new bicycle, and especially an electric bike, there are some important accessories to consider which will keep you safe and comfortable along the way. For this guide I teamed up with Erik at Peloton Cycles in Fort Collins and basically just asked him to share what he considers to be the most important extras. Some of these, such as the helmet, are essential in my book. Ebike riders tend to go further and faster overall than traditional cyclists. This sort of gear can be fashionable as well as utilitarian and with so many choices, it’s worth visiting your local shop to try them on in person.

– After 5 years of use, the CPSC recommends buying a new helmet, for people who have stored their helmets in extreme heat and cold the foam can get brittle and the foam and plastic starts to break down… Most helmets have a manufacture date to help guide you
– For a proper fit, the helmet should come down to about 1 finger width above your eyebrow and ears (so pretty close to get that coverage)
– In order to keep helmets clean, consider adding a cap that will absorb sweat and may also keep your head warm if it’s a longer cap or tubular scarf type of thing
– Many new helmets have adjustable ratchet systems and you should tighten it enough so that the helmet does not fall off if you bend completely forward, the chin strap should be tight but still allow you to do a full “yawn” motion with your mouth
– Bottle cages are the next accessory you’ll want to consider, this allows you to bring along a water bottle for proper hydration… since not all electric bikes have bottle cages bosses consider a saddle rail mount or other tube-clamp adapter (the two bottle sizes include 21 oz and 24 oz which fit different frame sizes)
– An alternative to water bottles are hydration packs, this will also allow you to store tools, a phone, keys and other things
– Air is also important, learning how to change a flat but also being proactive with thicker tire tubes, kevlar lined tires, using sealents and even some liners can help reduce punctures, from here there are mini-pumps and CO2 cartridges which can be taken along on rides
– Specialized makes a whole line of tools that can be useful if you do get a flat, if your chain breaks or if there is some other loosening or malfunction while out on the ride, a multi-tool is definitely a good accessory and most have a range of hex wrenches
– It’s usually a great idea to bring a mobile phone along on rides in case you need help but there are times when you might not get reception (especially when mountain biking), keep this in mind and note that ebikes often take you further than you’d go on a traditional pedal power bicycle
– First aid, mirrors for signaling, starting a fire and having a space blanket for staying warm can also be very important, if you end up having to spend the night these things could save your life
– Padded bike shorts or pants are also important because they offer some cushion and can wick sweat away, this pairs nicely with suspension seat posts and a comfortable saddle

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