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Why Are Some Electric Bikes So Expensive?!

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Why Are Some Electric Bikes So Expensive?!

I spent some time with the President of Raleigh Electric, Larry Pizzi, discussing the price of electric bikes and I asked him why some are so much more expensive than others. I wanted to get an understanding, an honest assessment, for what those extra dollars go towards. Some people feel that name brand ebikes are a ripoff when they see kits and crowd funded electric bicycles for so much less… but there are good reasons for spending more and Larry helped me to understand them. Whether it’s safety, longevity or service, the money spent on some higher-end products does go towards something that for many, is worth the price. I enjoyed our talk and how open and candid Larry was given his position and years of experience working in the space. I hope it helps you and others to better understand the price differences and to find whatever product suits your lifestyle and budget. This video isn’t meant to say it’s wrong to pay less, there are some great affordable options out there worth exploring. My goal was to just open the conversation up a little.

Some of the areas we covered in our conversation included:
– Safety
– Quality Components
– Ethically Produced
– Longevity and Reliability
– Liability Insurance
– Value vs. Price

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